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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  October 18, 2010 12:00am-1:00am EST

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or trouble breathing. tell your doctor about your medical history and find an arthritis treatment that works for you. ask your doctor about celebrex. and, go to to learn more about how you can move toward relief. celebrex. for a body in motion. >> live and at large welcome to the show everybody. i am geraldo rivera. you know there's trouble in paradise when everyone is poking fun at the boss. watch. >> president obama has decided not to sign a bill that would make it difficult for homeowners to fight foreclosure. why is obama all of a sudden so sensitive about people being kicked out of their house. oh, yeah, sorry. >> joe biden told the new york times president obama asked him to run again in 2012. the bad news, nobody asking obama yet. still waiting on that. still waiting on that one. >> with the president's approval
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rating stuck in the mid 40s with most pundits predicting a tsunami in the midterm elections one that would sweep the gop into power in the house and bring them major gains in the senate as well the embattled campaigner and chief reached out to the one national democrat still enjoying widespread popularity his wife michelle obama who at 65 percent approval is 24 tires than her husband. michelle campaigned with the president for the first time since their historic race for the white house back in 2008. here is mike emanuel with the state of ohio with the first family. >> geraldo good evening. president obama is in the buckeye state for the 7th time this year. the president is acknowledging the tough economy sick making it more difficult for people in his own party running for election. the president holding an evening rale leap on the campus of ohio state university home of the buckeyes 16 days before midterm election day mr. obama brought
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somebody with higher poll numbers than he has the first lady for their first campaign appearance together since the 2008 campaign. this is about more than just politics it's about whether or not we as a people can move forward through times of challenge and cynicism and frustration and use the opportunity we have been given to build better communities and build a better country. >> mr. obama tried to energize young voters who were key to the election two years ago trying to reenergize. to help get elected. >> a lot of you got involved because you believe we were in a defining moment in history. >> here in ohio it is clearly about playing defense for the
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president working hard with the states he won two years ago. >> so goes the nation. >> the hawkeye state is going for the republican governor former congressman and fox news anchor man who is leading incumbent ted stick lands by 8 points. strike lands at 42.8 according to real clear politics. meanwhile in the senate contest in dell wear tea party favorite trails upon opponent -- opponent chris coons by double digits. donald is at 37 percent he has been stuck there coons at 54.6 percent. the reaction to her republican candidate. here is how john mccamccain's daughter megan set it on this
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week. >> no real history no real success in any kinds of business. what that sends to my generation is one day you can wake up and run for senate no matter how lack of experience you have. it scares me. i know that turns people off because she is seen as a -- >> the state party isn't helping us and we are asking the republican party to help us. we have the democratic committee coming after me. we are hoping the national republican senatorial committee will help us. but it's not. >> one of the most controversial races is the one in delaware facing democratic opponent chris coons. coons talked about his 17 point lead in the polls. >> went from being significantly down to significantly up in the
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polls. positive in terms, but i don't think it has been positive for delaware. >> o'donnell hammered away at democratic claims. >> there's a scare tactic coming from the democrats saying these tax cuts for the rich are these billionaires who are trying to find places to dock their yachts. that's not it at all. it's the dry cleaner down the street the pizza shop owner down the street. >> colorado meantime only 2 points separate democratic senator michael bennett from challenger ken buck. buck was asked by criticism if he packed away from his tea party principles get elected. >> it is easy when you have a tracker and answers and the questions are coming at you from different angles to use a slight deviation and the answer. it is not fair to say that i have back cracked. >> bennett slammed his budget proposal. >> the budget proposal he made
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would blow without even talking about the tax cut extensions $1.3 trillion more of a budget than we already have. >> with so many tight races he is not predicting a gop takeover of the senate but he says there's a theoretical tact. >> the colorado governor the american constitution party anti illegal immigrant crusader tea party darling and former congressman tom tancrado republican candidate now trails only the democrat john hipenluker by 10 percent 25 percent to 45 percent. the republican has 13.3 percent. can he pull off what would be the most stunning upset in the cycle. congressman i never thought we would be meeting under these circumstances.
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so here you are. a tea party candidate, why did you from the republican party. >> let me correct what i just saw on the screen there, the most recent poll that just came out a couple days ago rasmussen poll very credible. i am actually within the margin of error. it's 42 percent for mayor and 38 percent for me. >> maybe we use the consensus of polls that the broader can average out. >> i like the rasmussen poll a lot better. >> i am sure you do. >> why are you trying to attract this attentiattention? >> of course a third party candidate traditionally has not had that kinds of support. what happened here has been a series of fascinating events that occurred since the primary. we have it's just amazing almost 30 points in the last three weeks, 3 and a half weeks i
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guess, and there has been a real concern about on the part of most conservatives in colorado about the fact that it was not looking as if the republican candidate could possibly actually defeat mayor hikenluper. as the debates have gone on we have had about 8 each one we do i would gain in the polls. you could go out and talk to tea party people. last night in lub bin, colorado. i watched the standing ovation it's really wild. it's great. it is also fascinating to me. >> can i assume you are hitting the immigrant issue hard? >> illegal immigration? no i never talk about that geraldo. >> please. i don't think you say good morning to your wife without bringing that up. >> of course if you talk about it here in colorado it's like a
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1,400,000,000. we have a deficit. the huge thing is the fact that we have not come out of a recession. many states are doing a lot better at it than we are. we have had a democratic governor for four years and all they have done ask increase taxes and that has kept us stuck in the recession. that's why my candidacy is getting alo a lot of attraction. >> i assume you will line up with the republicans if you win as a independent. let me show you a quick sound bite from rand pole and democratic rival jack conaty way in kentucky here is rand poll angrily accusing him of something. >> i am disheart tenned my own opponent chosen to attack my religious beliefs. we have serious problems in our country we have to have a serious discussions and he
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attacked my christian beliefs. >> he accused rand poll remember in college there's a story of a woman anonymous women quoted i gq magazine of a ritual getting tied up by a freak or goes on and on. is this race or midterm election cycle been most congressman? >> no. >> is it always this way? >> i don't remember it being this bitter. >> really geraldo as long as i can remember anyway. >> it gets down to the wire it gets pretty ugly. i remember a lot of commercials in the past. i remember the first one i had against me in it has a dark screen turned into a forest.
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>> it super imposed over the whole thing a picture of me waving to a crowd in hometown littleton they have taken a picture of me looking like i had given a nazi salute against the entire screen. it gets pretty g bad. that was ten years ago. >> congressman you and i disagree on key issues but i must say you have amazing resilience and your come back is incredible. continued i guess success there in colorado. the people shall decide. thanks for being with me. >> thanks. >> coming up they return with the housewives. jessie ventura everything from politics and we ponder the appeal of acting like a jack
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>> you said it was full of sugar on the thing. >> noneth other people. >> i can't believer somebody could have that much hate within them. >> she made her cry. >> maybe it's because i haven't been invite to do a state house dinner since the carter administration but i have a fondness to these people. we welcome mckale and tariq sales of the real housewives of dc. welcome back. >> nice to see you. >> great to see you. >> gosh, i don't know.
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i wou -- it is being shown around the world. >> what does that have to do with it? >> anti bullying. >> it's the color all over facebook. >> i wore rowed this from rusty the stage man. >> as i mentioned these other guys i have a fondness for you. my wife erica similarly cuts you some slack. the hard asses on my crew. are they the people or did people cut you some slack? >> people are good. no one likes bullying. not sure what's going on with kr your crew. i can take you. but i think overall humanity is good. there's more good. but it seems we focus in on the people who have the negative for some reason and we talk about them. >> do you feel a sense of vindication from the obviously the main charge of crashing the white house state dinner? >> geraldo 100 percent.
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we didn't finally 8 minutes later we didn't lie. they are now finally vindica vig this. >> you think mckale will for you. she is had a ro real problem wi bill o'reilly riley. >> bill i could help you out. >> call me. >> you think you will have a second season of the real housewives. >> why haven't they announced it. >> they are get to go the secondary union and that's more drama than pain. >> do you punch people? >> no. >> more intense. more emotion. it's one thing to hit someone that hurts but what they are doing is going in and just
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attacking somebody. >> they don't believe she has ms. >> i believe you have ms. >> it's not all been as you know about the party. there's a lot of attention that has been rebuilding their lives. >> the agents has he gotten you any jobs yet? >> any jobs yet? >> you have to pay the rent, dude. >> you know we are going to reopen the library. >> we actually settled -- i lost my dad last week. >> i know. >> we are working togethtogethe. >> that's the good news out of
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it. >> he will be watching over saying i got together. >> roll the sl clip from the re how thes wives of beverly hills. let's roll that. >> i have>> they come with high price job. >> the difference it seems to me they really have money these people. >> right. >> i think it's a different type of money. looks like they are having a lot of fun. ours comes out politics a little drama. my health condition came out at the end there. they have city captures the 5, 6 different women differently. on tuesday we have an event with tommy hilfiger passion fight ms against ms. it's a big event tommy hilfiger is doing. >> mckale is going to -- >> where is that dc. >> i am going to be watching and supporting. >> do that kinds of stuff.
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i hope you do get a second season. hopefully the t triumph will be the tore meant ters. >> see you bud. >> okay thank you. >> coming up we have the women who alleges that she lept with david beckham, that's posh spice his wife. his wife. we will see. getting an amazing like discount on a hotel with travelocity's top secret hotels. ahhh... the easy way to get unpublished discounts of up to 55% off top hotels. your fingers are quite magical. both cost the same, but only the pringles superstack can makes everything pop! ♪ hey [ male announcer ] same cost but a lot more fun. everything pops with the pringles superstack can!
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>> the charges and denials of celebrity harassment and extra marital affairs a former call girl who joins me right now is count counter graco alleging she lied when she claimed that it was her lover. my guest is a boss knee an born ex hooker who claims she has proof that they had an affair. what's the proof? >> i didn't save any phone records or anything like that like they have been asking me to because i never wanted to come out with this in the first place. i was forced into coming out because my ex was shopping around my diadiary.
1:25 am
it has been shopped around. i am sorry this is my first interview since this happened. >> world exclusive person? the reported lover of david beckham. what does it say in your diary? >> everything. i have been working since i was 18 years old. >> working as a prostitute? >> yes. >> i have been keeping a blog. i have been keeping a blog on my computer for myself. i have seen lots and i have had a very messy breakup with my ex who i have been with three years. >> was he your pimp? >> no. he didn't know that i was working and -- >> he didn't know you were a prostitute? >> no. first year that we got together i was still working, and but like the last two years i didn't
1:26 am
stopped working. >> let's put aside that event and talk about beckham 7 times. >> two times on two different occasions. there are so many stories in the media. >> that was in to touch magazine. anyway, okay. it was two times. you mean to ke sleep over? >> i don't mean girl scouts. i mean you know. >> you mean how mane my times -- >> have you had sex. >> kimberly guilfoyle joins us. kimberly as she ponders that answer she has been an extraordinary risk of beckham to sue her for liable just because in in country the lible laws if she can establish, what if she
1:27 am
has this diary. let's pause this. we will have a cliff hanger and we will talk more with the ex prostitute who claims an affair÷
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ask your doctor about celebrex. and, go to to learn more about how you can move toward relief. celebrex. for a body in motion. from america's news headquarters, i'm insurance insurance. ainsley earhardt. security beefed up in paris and other european cities last month after an earlier unrelated terrorist threat injuries the french foreign minister says they were jeffed bissau did i intelligence services. the obama administration reportedly putting pressure on beijing to stop ch chinese companies from helping iran with nuclear weapons technology. the administration believes
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chinese are violating sanctions against iran. the nikkei up at 9,507. and dow jones fuhrs at 10,970. for more business news tune in to the fox business network, giving you the power to prosper. i'm ainsley earhardt. now, back to "geraldo at large." welcome back everybody. geraldo and i are continuing our interview with the woman who had the affair with david beckham. you are being sued by them. one of the main issues is how many times did you meet david beckham and how many times did you have sex with him? actual intercourse? >> actual intercourse. i didn't keep a dye ar remore than 7 times i would say the first nightity met him. second time around i only see him an hour and a half.
1:32 am
we only had sex once. but the first night was quite exciting. >> why is that? >> we stayed up until like 5 in the morning woke up at 9 and had breakfast and we had sex again. >> did he pay you? >> yes. >> how much? >> first time around it was $10,000.04 nights 11, 12-hours. >> 10,000 include an all night stay and anything goes? >> yes. because back in the day when the session charged (inaudible) an hour which was the rate in new york. over night it's 40 an hour. >> posh spice says it never happened and she is totally solid with her husband who is -- >> that's what she is been saying also with all of the other affairs he had before this. i didn't have an affair with him. i am a working girl. i would see him through --
1:33 am
>> are you still a working girl? >> no. >> how do you support yourself now? >> i invest a lot in property in croatia. >> you invest from property croatia. i was never like the other girls. >> what do you think about the fact that she is counter suing beckham who -- >> looks like she has a strong case. she is looking at serious problems. >> i saw the other girl who was with me. >> you were not alone? >> soccer mid field. >> does she have any information where she put in a blog or diary sent e-mails or anything that would substantiate your story? >> victoria beckham -- he has
1:34 am
interesting distinguishing marks on his private parts. >> i would not come out with that but there are things that i know that you can only know if you really actually slept with him. >> when we are off the air perhaps you can share some of those with kimberly. i have got to move on. good luck. thank you for being with us. >> let's move now. you know the president and maybe his attorney general have are at odds it seems on the issue of legalizing marijuana. first here is the president. >> we take federal drug enforcement extraordinarily serious and spent a lot of money on it. we have to figure out how to -- we have limited resources. there are decisions made by the justice department or fbi about prosecuting drug kingpins verses somebody with some small amount
1:35 am
in terms of possession. those decisions are made based on how can we best enforce the laws that are on the books. >> so that's the president speaking to a youth town hall thursday apparently contradicting attorney general eric holden's comments earlier in the week federal law enforcement will continue to crack down on marijuana even if they pass the controversial prop 19 the measure that would legalize small amounts of potted for personal use. earlier i spoke with just the guy to comment on prop 19 and other conspiracies. >> joining me now is the man i consider the original tea party candidate although he predates rick candle lee's in chicago. he is the former governor of chicago. great to see you first of all do you agree with my characterization that you are the original tea parparty>> thea
1:36 am
party nor do i want to be a party of the tea party. anybody that can put sarah palin on a p pedestal. >> what i was thinking is you did it in a non-traditional way. you were the renegade. you were the outsider. you were the person who was going to throw the incumbents out how about that as a definition? >> that is fine. you know in the original tea party years are okay. but i think they have been hijacked just like when i be long to the reform party, we have been hijacked by jack buchanan and all of them. that's one way of destroying the third party movement is hijack it. that's what the two parties do
1:37 am
do. they are very successful at it. >> we will talk more about that aspect. do you agree you craver the candidates like christine o'donnell for senate in delaware are in many ways mitigating or muting the potential impact they might have otherwise. >> you have got a whole mass of people out there that are finally waking up to the fact that the only way to take our country back is electing democrats and republicans and i love their tv ads geraldo they talk about all of the things they are going to fix that apparently we caused when the reality is all these problems that they talk about are caused by them. they have been in charge. it's on their watch. when they say they are going to
1:38 am
fix something it's something they wrecked in the first place. i want to say this, too, geraldo. i can't belief that my show is in the second season and that tallies on this, too, the popularity of the conspiracies because people just do not trust their government today and our government is lied to us bold faced too often and it's start to go show up now both politically and in my show. >> the big hit on true tv the highest rated series ever to debut on that particular network. are you endorsing any of the candidates this election cycle this crucial midterm election? >> yes, in minnesota i will next week come out and endorse independent candidate tom horyner for governor. anybody that is not a democrat or republican can very well get my endorsement. i refuse to vote for democrats and republicans and i refuse to endorse them they are the problem not the solution
1:39 am
geraldo. until this knuckle head country of ours wakes up to that fact we will continue down the road. you know i am backed up by good people guy called george washington another guy called thomas jefferson and especially a kinds of crazy guy named john ada adams. i believe they formed our country and they warned us that when political parties took over our government it would be the ends of the united states. >> aside from your scorn for governor palin, do you want to comment on linda mcmahon? she was your former boss at the wwe, she is been in a closely contested race in connecticut. >> no. her husband vince was my boss. not linda. linda is very smart. linda is probably a terrific candidate. i came out and said no i wouldn't vote for her and i won't. she is a republican. i also have a problem with people like what she is doing and what that meg woman is doing
1:40 am
in california. >> meg whitman? >> the spending of>> meg whitman. >> they spend 40-50 million of their own dollars of their own wealth to become governor. now if they are going to be honest they are certainly going to lose a great deal of money. why would one do that? i won't vote for anybody that spends 30 to $40 million of their own money because to me it is simply a tactic of trying to buy the office and the power. >> if you didn't like meg whitman before governor you won't like her now that i in california is a toss up. how about you? are you going to run for president in 2012. do i hear that is a possibility? >> well, right now i enjoy my job of attacking our government, i believe what tom jefferson said dissension is the greatest
1:41 am
form of patriotism. thomas jefferson said that. i like my job right now. i am going after the government exploiting them for their lies and deception and turning them over and showing them for what frauds they are. >> let me ask you prop 19 looks as if the poem of california are at least as the polls currently indicate is going to pass legalize marijuana in small amounts announce for an individual are you for it and s it the new trend and that's my fooinl question? -- final question. >> i hope california does it because they can end the war on drugs it can be the first step to do it. it can stop all of the murders at the mexican border. you can disarm the cartels by legalization. remember, you can't legislate stupidity as much as we try to do that. it will bring money in, i fully support california legalizing
1:42 am
marijuana because once they do it hopefully it will go across like wildfire. let me finish with this geraldo. marijuana is to rock and roll what beer is to baseball. image if they took beer away from the ball game. >> on that happy note, governor jessie van toora the star of conspiracy theory os true tv and a good friend of ours. good luck governor. good to see you again. >> thank you geraldo. always a pleasure to talk to you. >> coming up the jokes are sick even worse in 3-d but they are the surprise multi-million dollar hit movie of the season. that is like talking about sick, we probe a case of cyber bullying that i promise will shock you. shock you. ! " # $ / 0 i
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>> too one of the most disgusting acts of cyber bullying ever. it is a frud between neighbors
1:46 am
in trenton michigan between a family called the petcov and a woman named rebecca rose whose daughter died of huntington's disease the same disease that her other daughter is afflicted with. the neighbor petcok sent messages saying she wished laura would die. they had a coffin in their car and drove it past the neighbor's house. as horrifying as it is when they post a picture of the dying 7-year-old on facebook as you can see photo shopping the child's face above the skull and cross bones there. the wretched petcov woman was defiant when confronted by a local reporter. >> what do you accomplish with the deceased mother with the grim reaper and daughter -- >> personal satisfaction. personal satisfaction because it rubs her (bleep) wrong. first (bleep) because it burns
1:47 am
rebecca wrong for me to make fun of her dead daughter on that page. >> after all we have been through i still couldn't believe she could stoop to a level that low. >> there's more from ms. petkov. meet dr. kara santamaria a neuroscientist who makes bullies. kimberly is here with me on this one. doctor, you think there's an organic reason in the way she behaved? >> i am going to woshth you real quick. call me karen not doctor. but if we are talking about ms. petkov i think it's important to examine maybe what some of the causal factors of her behavior could be. that is really difficult to do without ever having met this woman. you read a lot of the articles written on this case and we can only speculate as to whether she personally experienced abuse in the past or this is a function
1:48 am
of a narcissistic personality disorder and anti association disorder. >> how can a person do that with a dyeing 7-year-old. isn't that so far beyond the pail to seek an excuse really is silly in some ways? >> i have to agree with you. i think that one of the problems that we are seeing is that the way the media is paying attention to this story they are discussing it and calling this a bullying situation. generally speaking, when we look at bullying this is something that children do to one another or peers to do one another to establish an ingroup out group status to establish kind of a higher level of status over somebody else, and this is a 33-year-old woman who is basically harassing, verbally abusing this 7-year-old. i think to call it bullying waters down the story. >> let me get -- here is petkov sort of an apology she made. >> if i had to do it all over
1:49 am
again i wouldn't do it. as to the little girl i apologize if you have been hurt. there's not much more i can say. hopefully we can live our lives peacefully from now on. >> what about what kara said about it was almost a verbal assault. >> the law should really take this on, head on because you can't allow this kinds of behavior to go. this is happening on the internet every day cyber bullying. it sounds watered down because what they did this is inhuman what they did, this is like pure evil and the law should prosecute them. i think they need to develop laws grasp them immediately to cover this. otherwise technically nothing will happen to them except she tried to run over one of the neighbors so she may go to jail for that. unbelievable. >> kara why even think they are redeemable these people? >> i mean i think that again it depends on what her psychiatric profile really is. and there has been new research into individuals with psycho
1:50 am
path the that there may be ways to rehabilitate some of these people. it is difficult to say why she did this. >> because she is insensitive rhymes with witch. rhymes with witch. rig when my doctor told me that my chronic bronchitis was copd... i started managing it every day. i like to volunteer... hit the courts... and explore new places. i'm breathing better with spiriva. spiriva is the only once-daily inhaled maintenance treatment for both forms of copd... which includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. i take it every day... it keeps my airways open to help me breathe better all day long. spiriva does not replace fast acting inhalers for sudden symptoms. stop taking spiriva and call your doctor right away if your breathing suddenly worsens, your throat or tongue swells, you get hives, have vision changes or eye pain... or have problems passing urine. tell your doctor if you have glaucoma,
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>> hi five. (laughter) >> good morning, dan.
1:54 am
howdy. >> sick. whatever you think of johnny knoxville and his merry band of perverse pranksters jack ass 3-d has broken the record for the biggest october moving opening ever. the film more than doubling the receipts of the far more heavily promoted social network but the founding of facebook. this is the third straight number one opening for the jack ass franchise. to far more solemn but exciting news that in the midst of our surge in afghanistan our forces are encouraging secret talks with our sworn enemy the taliban. i am heading to new york tomorrow craig is already there. he joins us in the capital city of kabul. brother is it true, are we encouraging these secret talks with the taliban? oo the american officials confirmed the talks are going on and even general petraeus has confirmed they are allowing safe passage for senior taliban officials to meet with afghan
1:55 am
president car mid karzai in kabul. who are the taliban leaders and how close are they to fighting. i spoke with a member of parliament who is close to the negotiations. >> if we don't continue the war in the border of afghanistan against al qaeda it will not work. >> it is supporting taliban particular parties fundamentalist parties in pakistan. they are supporting taliban military forces we have seen some signs that iranians are
1:56 am
supporting taliban. >> is it possible this is a piece worse from the war that's going on. >> it is>> it is the peace talk with taliban. >> you don't seem optimistic. >> i am thinking probably it will work the peace process with taliban but in the lower label some of the higher label the leaders of the taliban they will not be a rating. >> it is a lot like how they worked it in iraq. they went to the lower level they picked the low hanging fruit kept the pressure on the holdouts but it did ultimately result in a greatly rebeaused level of vie lengths, craig. >> absolutely geraldo.
1:57 am
he is not exactly convinced the taliban leaders will be able to persuade the large parts of the taliban who dominate the insurgency in afghanistan or whether they would be willing to accept a democratically run country as opposed to strict religious law. >> a step in the right direction. let's see if the taliban we negotiate with will promise not to cut women's heads off will allow public education for girls as well as boys. you know it is a long hard rocky road to the friends at the 101st know we are heading that way,, craig. >> they are all ready for it. >> be with you in a couple days. that's it for us now folks. all next week craig and i will be reporting from the front lines in afghanistan. until then thanks for watching.
1:58 am
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